Sunday, February 22, 2004

revues of buddy don:
still countin blessins: bowmore sangle malt scotch whiskey

yesterdy evenin me n miz bd went down to see ifn we could pick us out a nuther sangle malt scotch whiskey to try. we have plenty of the talisker lef, but we figgerd twood be nice to git a lil colleckshun of em n see kin we tell witchn we lacks the bes. the talisker wood be hard to beat, so we consulted with a nuther frien of ourn, witch i dun writ bout him gittin sum cultchur with us one nite. he wuz of a mind we should give sum bowmore a try, so we went down n foun sum bowmore mariner aged fifteen year fer sale n bought a bottle fer $43.

twood be a nice evenin on a counta how sumbidy speshul wuz a'cummin to have dinner with us, witch we wuz celebratin how sed sumbidy gut her a book deal n i had a birthdy a lil while back n far as i wuz concernd, we coulda jes been  celebratin how i wuznt havin no hedache. innywho, sed sumbidy promissed to cum over on the ferry sos we could go down to the madison bar n grill.

whenever she gut to our place we ast her did she wont a lil of that sangle malt n she allowd as how she woodnt mind givin it a taste. so we had us each a lil of it neat with sum water nearby. twuz a much more cumplex likker than the talisker, witch the talisker has a more misteryas taste toot in my pinion. but we lacked the bowmore purty good:

smell: twuz a cumplex amalgum of smells with a lil fruit n a lil smoke n a lil of that peat smell. twuz rite suttle.

taste: lack the talisker, twuz sumthin unlack inny uther taste, even the talisker. twuz a lil on the sweet side to bof me n miz bd.

effeck: seem lack thisn gits ye into the talkative mood whar the talisker makes ye wonta pick up yer instermint n pick a lil. we dint play no musick atall with thisn, but mayhap twuz the differnt dynamick of havin three folks in the room. the conversayshun wuz grate, but ye kindly speck that whenever ye git a visit frum sumbidy speshul.

ifn i had to pick twixt em, i reckon twood be the talisker, but the nice thang is, we gut sum of bofem now n were still countin them blessins.

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