Tuesday, February 17, 2004

revus of buddy don:
three of my favert blogs

tiz tuesdy n i plan to start usin my tuesdy bloggin time fer revues of blogs. i figgerd i wood start by sheddin a lil lite on three blogs that i read everday. i have a longer lis n mayhap ill wurk thru em all. befor i start, heres sum thangs i look fer in a blog:

  1. fresh content: it needs to be fresh, meanin that mos everday thays new thangs to read
  2. originull: it caint be a site that violates copyright as a reglar matter: sum folks bleevs that long as they dont make no money offn thar site, then they aint violaytin copyright law by puttin thangs that dont belong to em on thar sites, thangs lack pitchers n comics n even hole articulls that they scrounged frum thar scavenger hunts roun the web; sum of em put sumthin they stole frum sumbidy else on thar sites mos everday. tiz my policy not to read such sites ifn i kin stay away. i figger that ifn folks cant even respeck the law n common courtesy tords the creator of such content, then taint lackly theyll have sumthin to say i wood respeck.
  3. variety of topic n/or point of view: it needs to have sum variety toot: sum blogs is one-note blogs, generly them thats bout pall ticks. ye kin find em on eethur side of the spectrum, them that jes purty much looks fer ways to repeat rnc spin or them that speshulizes in findin new ways to say they dont lack the president. ye dont never speck nuthin sprizin frum such sites n fer the mos part, ifn ye kin do the lease lil bit of parody, ye kin perdick whut thar gonna say. btw, one of the easies ways to make a comicull care ackter that wont nobidy take serious is to make one that is jes one dimensional, kindly lack yer wile e. coyote, who cant do nuthin but chase n miss yer roadrunner.
  4. well-writ: sum (or all) of the ritin has got to be good.

tuther day i mentchuned one of my faverts, with thatns one called purls befor swine. i wont give it much attenchun today since i dun give it sum tuther day, but it has mos everthang i lack in a blog: tiz updated at least four times a week, sumtimes more; tiz totally originull, dedicated purty much to knittin (witch i aint innerested in knittin), but coverin topicks ye mite never speck, lack meat eatin (go to her site n scroll down to the entry name of "What, No Title? I Always Have a Title") or how lil children deals with thar noses (scroll down to "Things that Frost My Cakers"), that kind of thang. the ritin is superb. marcia has a gift with wurds, speshly puns n other forms of wurdplay, as ye kin tell jes frum the title of her blog. as ye kin see, it has the four thangs i look fer in a blog. heres three more i lack a lot:

Voluntarily in China
this blog blongs to a fella name of tennessee ruck. hes been livin in china now fer a few years (three?), witch hes the kind that goes fer a visit n dont cum home eggzackly whenever he mite coulda furst specktid to. hes innerested in mos everthang, so he has plenty of variety. articulls include such topicks as the real scandal of the superbowl halftime show, with an update; crazy gifts fer children; sevrul takes on the chinese holidays, such as how tiz the year of the monkey n thisn on the sprang festivul. he rites verr well. course, his topicks is verr originull on a counta thays mosly bout whar he is, witch tiz near beijing china. hes marrd to a artis he met over thar whos also a beeyootiful n talented woman, witch she makes thangs lack this tapestry. ye caint nohow perdick whut he mite rite bout on inny given day, n chantses are good twill be sumthin ye dint know bout befor. hes a lil bit of a challenge to keep up with, but ye wont regret gittin in the habit.

Straight White Guy
to be cumpletely honest, i dint eggspeck to care much fer this site whenever eric joined the rocky top brigade, witch thats how i discuverd his blog. i dun spent too minny years wurkin in theater to be wurried bout whos strate n whos not. ye mite coulda read that famous joke in that book by william goldman name of the season, witch tiz a book bout ever show that opend n closed in 1967 on broadway. joke goes lack this: whut do ye git ifn ye cross a jew n a homosexual? anser: theater. i also tend to be a soshul liberal or progressive n bleev twood be bes if everbidy wuz allowed to live lack they wonta long as they aint causing nobidy no harm. so bein afraid bout how he mite coulda dun prejudged folks, i had him nearly so prejudged him my ownself that tiz a wonder i even started readin him.

but im verr glad i gut started. fer one, hes a talented riter, as ye kin tell by takin this hike with him or evaluatin his wifes stick shift or crazy eklectick taste in music or whut hes thankin bout his brother joshuas surgery or self luv. his jokes jokes jokes is wurth the price of add misshun, witch hes got new ones mos all the time n he always credits em. ye cant perdick whut eric mite cum up with. corse, his bein a verr creative jarhed splains a lot.

i half to add mitt, whenever i furst red mr. uncles site, i figgerd twuz one of the one-noters a la sick of bush or hobbsonline, them that ye kin almos perdick usin parody on a counta they dont never sprize ye with a new pinion, tho they kin git purty inventive with thar splainayshuns of thar own orthodocks point of view. taint that thars nuthin wurth readin thar, but the content tiz kep within sum limitin blinders.

but i found myself sprized by sayuncles site time n agin. one of his mane obsesshuns is the secunt amendment to the constitushun. i aint one fer usin guns -- thays been too minny in my fambly who used em fer suicide n fack is, they dont provide no perteckshun atall fer them that wonts to kill thar selves, witch suicide accounts fer over half the gun deaths in amurka mos ever year -- but i also dont thank ye kin cuntrol em with legislayshun. n tiz hard to unnerstand eggzackly whut kind (if inny) of cuntrol the constitushun allows. ye kin larn a lot, much of it sprizin, by readin his site. ye kin also larn bout dogs dogs n more dogs, or havin a child. his site is easy to navigate on a counta how hes gut all these category archives sos ye kin get the uncles point of view on topicks lack civil liberties, media watch, pall ticks, pop culchur, race relayshuns, taxes n minny otherns.

i know thays a slew of wurthy sites out thar. im a'hopin i kin give three of em sum attenchun on tuesdy of ever week.

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