Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: got reality?

cupla thangs fer a tuesdy, witch aint it time to eeleck sum folks that bleeves in reality?

get real: vote out them thats in!

nuff of that kinda palltickin fer the moment. now fer sum news ...

furst, did ye read bout how we wont be gittin all of the royalties them oil cumpnies owes us fer drillin on our land? tiz trublesum to make em pay n i reckun the current reality-challenged bunch dont wonta take the effort to make thar friens pay whut they owe. ye kin read all bout it in the new york times articull name of U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron. them oil cumpnies probly needs the money moren a lil ole gummin runnin such record deficits.

then ye probly dun red bout how we are doin our best to make shore them iraqis have guns whuther thar on our side or sum of them other sides.

by the way, did ye know that readin yer froomkin everday keeps yer spin-made ignorunts away?

did ye here the one bout how them slime ads used by one party has been backfirin?

now its them u.s. officers thats wontin to hold the gummint of iraq accountabull by givin em sum timetabulls fer u.s. troops to withdraw. who wooda thunk it?

but it gits wurser: thays one reetired lt gen who claims outright that eggzackly whut we gut to do is cut n run!

but ifn we train them iraqis how to stand up better, mayhap we kin stand down sooner. so how is that a'goin? not so good ...

whut about stayin a losin corse? h.d.s. greenway cuvers thatn in a bit of punditry fer the editoryall page of the boston globe today. did ye know that after the same three years in the veetnam war, this wuz whut we had dun lost:
Like Bush in Iraq, President Johnson had hoped to bring some soldiers home in 1965 when South Vietnamese troops had been properly trained to take on their own security. "Now there is no more talk of being out by 1965 -- or any other year in the foreseeable future," Time said in 1964. "After three years of intensive effort and considerable pain, including the expenditure of $3.3 billion in aid and the loss of 262 Americans killed, 1,196 wounded or injured . . . the war is still not being discernibly won." So Johnson sent in more soldiers.
but thays even skeerier enemies, lack reality bout the earth! sumbidy better splain to our leaders in washington how reality is mad n bout to git back at us lessun we take it a lil more serious. or is them brits betrayin thar allies?

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