Monday, October 23, 2006

weekend doins of buddy don: New York Cares

i spent the day saturdy doin sumthin that i always git a big kick out of, witch thats volunteerin. it cums kindly natcherull fer them amung us that hails frum Tennessee, the volunteer state. our assinement on saturdy wuz to hep out with a skool on west 52nd street name of P35M/Manhattan H.S.

heres a pitcher of the ms marta rojo, the principill, being innervued by the press:

tiz a easy thang to do. ye sine up n then show up n after that, thays nice folks to let ye know whut all needs doin.

this here lady wuz one of the leaders, witch as ye kin see, she gits her own hands dirty jes lack everbidy else:

we clean, straiten up thangs, paint bathrooms n even murals.

as ye kin see, it takes a mess of paint:

these events is sponsored by all kinds of corporayshuns, witch thats how i cum to know about it.

heres sum of the books we brung together sos they could git sorted n such:

heres a pitcher i lack even ifn it dint cum out rite on a counta i dint brang no flash, witch they tole us we woodnt have no place to store stuff n shouldnt brang much, but i reckun nex time they mite let me jes take pitchers to cover the hole shootin match.

we tuck a lil lunch brake, witch whenever we dun it that principill gut to talkin bout the kinda kids they gut in that skool. i reckun ye could read all bout em in that thar lank to the skool. theys all gut develop mental problems of one kind or a nuther. she had folks in the palm of her hand whenever she wuz splainin whut life is lack in her worl:

i half to add mitt to leavin a lil early on a counta twuz the third saturdy in october, witch that means tennessee goes up agin thar biggest rival, alabama. as ye know, thatn cum out the rite way this time.

twuz a grand day n a grate weekend on a counta jack n vaclav cum over fer dinner with us on sundy. i made dream tater soup, witch dint nobidy cumplain nun.

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red molly said...

Hey buddy, thanks for sharing your volunteer day.

We are about to get us some cool weather this week and I'm thinking I just might cook up some of that delicious dream tater soup. Thank you for the link to the recipe.