Tuesday, October 17, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: the kiss

a while back we had a lil diskusshun bout candid pitchers of folks that dint know ye wuz takin thar pitcher. i posted sum lanks to the legal findins, witch ifn yer out in publick, yer in the 'publick domain' by definishun.

one reader, Anne Johnson of The Gods Are Bored, menchunned that at lease i hadnt posted no pitchers of nobidy a'kissin, witch that could git sumbidy in truble, ifn they wudnt kissin who thar spozed to be kissin.

but how bout these whar ye caint tell who tiz? i tuck these back in august. twuz verr dark so i wuz usin a iso of 1600. innywho, me n miz bd cum upon this corner n twuz moren i could reesist.

furst, the kiss ...

but fer me, the reackshun wuz even better ...

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1 comment:

CM Edwards said...

I really love the top picture- two people sharing a kiss as only Buddy Don could capture it. Great work!