Thursday, October 19, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: sum sayins

i aint hardly gut no idees this mornin, so i figgerd i wood list a few sayins folks has used over the years, witch they splain a lot.

furst, thars this classick frum the veetnam war bout the enemey over thar that my aint beula sed one time:
We have to kill those people; they have no respect for human life.
nuthern i herd a lil while back is thisn:
I would rather have someone wrapped in the constitution burning the flag that to have someone wrapped in the flag burning the constitution.
in yesterdys dan froomkin articull name of A Question Bush Can't Answer in the washington post online edishun (best revue of amurkin news innywhar) he listed whut sum of his readers writ to im in reesponse to his astin whut clear message the new terrism bill is a'sendin. heres that seckshun of the articull, witch ye orta read the hole thang everday ye kin:
In yesterday's column , I quoted Bush saying that the detainee bill "sends a clear message: This nation is patient and decent and fair, and we will never back down from the threats to our freedom."

I suggested that he might be mistaken about the "clear message" the bill really sends. I suggested a few alternatives, and asked you readers for more.
Here are a few of your responses:

* "My administration will stop at nothing to protect this nation during even-numbered years." (Patrick McGrath)

* "I do not value the advice of the military lawyers." (Jennifer Forsythe)

* "The terrorists have won." (Richard Panek)

* "The law sends a clear Orwellian message: in the name of justice we will deny justice." (Jon Krueger)

* "If you can't get away with it, and it won't go away, legislate it." (Mark Egit)

* "That I should be sending this anonymously." (Damian Walker)

* "To the Constitution: Your services are no longer required." (Craig Ostovitz)

* "Anyone detained by your government is a bad guy. Anyone tortured by your government is a bad guy. Anyone imprisoned secretly for life by your government deserves it because they were bad. The Constitution and its protections are just something bad guys use. If possible, the law should be expanded to cover U.S. citizens too, because the only people hurt by it are bad guys." (Anne L.H. Studholme)

* "Here's the clear message to me as a Canadian: I cannot visit the United States, because if some over-eager border guard thinks I'm a risk to national security, I could be locked up forever." (Kevin Longfield)

* "The clear message this sends to me is that our politicians fear our freedom much more than the terrorists hate it." (Gabriel Carbajal)

* "I think the 'clear message' of the torture-unlawful combatant-no habeas corpus law is its chilling effect on criticism. Since the law allows the president -- any president -- to name anyone he, alone, sees as a threat as an unlawful combatant (or someone who is aiding unlawful combatants), it is not a stretch to see how anyone speaking against the president or his policies could find himself detained without charges, a lawyer or a court date." (Bill Banks)

* "Clear Message to Charlie Savage and other signing statement watchers: 'The Senate did my signing statement for me this time.'" (Jane Savoca Gibson)

* "The Democrats still haven't learned to stand up to the President." (Tom Benthin)
* "L'État, c'est moi." (Louise Mowder)

* "One branch down, one to go." (Jim Magnant)

* "The Golden Rule is inoperative." (Vince Canzoneri)
seems to me lack folks is wontin change n i shore do hope they git it! tho it mite be hard to git whut they ackshly vote fer ...

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