Friday, October 20, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Offered Them Our Heaven

We Offered Them Our Heaven

How should our forces prosecute Iraqi civil war?
Should they try to hold the middle ground?
Maybe they should take a side to even out the score?
Or let the two sides wear each other down?

Our mission was accomplished back in two thousand and three,
It seemed that we'd soon get our forces out.
We thought Iraqi oil would repay us and run free,
We knew how things would go and showed no doubt.

But now it seems our forces fight a war they cannot win
We'd like to think the media at fault
We coulda had success if they woulda bought the spin!
For wasn't shock and awe a great assault?

We tried to force our way of life on them – we love it well!
We offered them our heaven, but they paid us with their hell.

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Tennessee Jed said...

Well said, here here, kudos, AMEN!

If seemingly simple people like us can see this why the heck are all these leaders so blind...why?

Anne Johnson said...

Another keeper, BD. Used ta be a day when pomes like that got published in newspapers. But take it frum me, ain't no one readin the liberal media anyhoo. Philly papers facin another round a layoffs, even with a new owner. And yeah, he wants to gut the pension plan.