Tuesday, October 10, 2006

pomes of buddy don: Who Was It Pooped in Our Pants?!?

hat tip to meatbrain of ThinkingMeat, witch hes also a friend of mine who dun give me the metafor i use in this lil pome bout them publicans n that thar page program they been a'runnin fer the past ten years ...
Who Was It Pooped in Our Pants?!?

Who was it pooped in our pachyderm pants?
Who left the stench in our elephant britches?
Who was it took their stink-ridden chance?
Was it the press or Democrat witches?

Was it the pages with their playful pranks?
Or maybe George Soros, even slick Willy?
Must have been Democrats! They're giving thanks –
Who else wants the GOP to look silly?

And why won't the Dems take polygraph tests?
Since timing's suspicious and they stand to gain?
Why must we have evidence on those pests
To prove they revealed our stinky brown stain?

Someone commited a crime most daring –
They shat in the very pants we were wearing!

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1 comment:

Anne Johnson said...

BD, not only do you know what tiz laak to be sick to death, you also know what tiz laak to be torchured. Cuz you an I both know that ifn the gubmint cood figger out how to make prisners get migraines they'd be a-doin it in Saudi Rabia or somewhar.

I do blieve you shood give the depakote a tra. I never took it myself but I knowed enough folks who have, an the trick is to stay off all likker an watch the caffeine.

Fer ma dollar, everthang in Warshington stinks laak cow patty, we oughta warsh 'em all outta thar.