Wednesday, October 25, 2006

pomes of buddy don: The Central Front of the Central Front

The Central Front of the Central Front

The central front of the central front is now the Baghdad street –
Although we lost the enemy in Afghanistan
But as a central front, in fact, the 'Stans were just not meet
So we decamped for Baghdad with our short attention span.

It's true we haven't yet brought back the leader of the plot –
The man who sent the nineteen who attacked us –
But we believe he's stuck in places Pakistan forgot
And Iraq did have something to attract us.

But they will not cooperate, these Shias and these Sunnis –
Who knew that these sects never got along?
Now they have us quagmired in their barren desert boonies
Where no one's sure who's right and who is wrong.

Some say we will look back on this as if it were a comma –
I wonder if by then we will have rounded up Osama?

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