Wednesday, October 18, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Were the Great Republic

We Were the Great Republic

We were the great republic – we were free –
Governed by law and not the whim of man –
A shining beacon was our destiny –
The best democracy since time began.

No one could be arrested without charge –
Imprisoned on suspicion, nothing more –
With speedy trials, convicted or discharged –
We were presumed not guilty – but no more ...

For now the president simply proclaims
A citizen's a danger to our nation –
After which he never clears his name –
Instead he suffers harsh interrogation.

The man who swore he'd guard our constitution
Has gladly signed its writ of execution.

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1 comment:

Anne Johnson said...

Best pome yet. Wanna come to a readin on Oct 22 in Camden NJ? Also, great kiss. I hope that wuz who they wuz supposed to be kissin.