Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mizry of buddy don: with a pome writ sundy

i thank i am havin whut they call a rebound migraine, witch that cums frum the migraine medicin that ye take. whenever ye quit takin it, ye sumtimes git sick, witch sum sez thats frum the migraine medicin (how is it differnt frum bein a addick?).

innywho, i writ this pome tuther day whenever i only had that sensitive spot on my hed that warns of truble brewin. befor the blindness i have now turns into the pane twill becum, here tiz:
The Cost of Security

We can't protect our ports because the cost
To inspect each container would be great –
And if we spend that money we'll have lost
The chance to remove taxes from estates.

And chemical plants are run by our friends
Who do not want their profit to be spent
Making the changes safety recommends
A terrorist attack to circumvent.

In fact homeland security's a trough
At which our politicians love to feed –
The way the funds are divied and paid off,
Is based on red state payback, not on need.

The people accept reasons most outrageous
Until we can't protect congress's pages!

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Anne Johnson said...

This here wether change is takin me unner too. I sound laak I gots TB. Cain't all be cat allergies.

Grate pome, hope ye get better soon. Now I'm a-gonna start makin prayers to the bored gods about migraines in genrl, sos the docs kin fine a cure.

Tennessee Jed said...

Man I wish we could find a way to cure what ever it is you have going on in your brain that is hurting you.

I wish we could find a way to fix the things that are listed in your linkoem as well.

And if wishes were fishes we would all have enough to eat as well.