Wednesday, October 11, 2006

quik note of buddy don: jury duty

i am on jury duty frum yesterdy, probly thru today on a counta how i caint promiss i wood show up fer ever day of inny jury since i could git a nuther migraine inny day.

fack is, miz bds mama tole her bout sumthin she had seen, witch miz bd looked up the feller n turnt out he wuz wurkin on a nuther thang, sumthin that wuz discuverd in the 19th centry name of cyclical vomiting syndrome:
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) is an unexplained functional digestive disorder characterized by recurrent, prolonged attacks of severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain resulting in decreased quality of life for both children & adults. Largely overlooked until about 10 years ago, millions of people worldwide suffer from this debilitating syndrome, while the clinical doctors are increasingly educated about CVS, the number of US patients diagnosed with this syndrome is climbing at a staggering rate.

The cause of CVS hasn't been isolated yet, but there are qualified professionals who can accurately diagnose and treat CVS. You and your family can find relief and gain control of your life again.
it shore do seem to eggsplain sum of the symptums i have had, witch i also git migraines, but thats to be eggspeckted. dont know ifn this will lead to a better treatment or innythang, but tiz oddly cumfertin to find sumthin lack this. kindly makes ye thank thar mite be sum hope.

innywho, i gut to git on a counta it takes me much longer to git to jury duty over in jersey city than it do to git to man hattan. sum parts of jersey is closer thataway.

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Anne Johnson said...

I heerd of lotsa folks with migraines who also gets stomach sick with them. An I can't think ov nuthin worse fer a migraine than jury duty. I got me a notiss too, I might gotta go in Nov. To Camden, NJ, which is 4 train stops down the laan.