Wednesday, November 01, 2006

grate meals of buddy don: reunion at peter luger

thays a ole boss of mine in town frum californy, witch that wuz eggscuse a nuff fer my irish frien micky to round up a table of folks willin to brake bread – or cut meat – together at one of new yorks most famous stake houses, a place thats been in bizness fer over 100 years name of Peter Luger.

ye go to Peter Luger fer stake, witch the best way to git it (i been tole) is to have a gigantick porterhouse fer two, witch thay wuz four of us, so we had '2 fer 2.' one of em wuz cooked medium rare, tuther rare, n they lived up to thar reputayshun n then sum. thar appetizers include thangs lack verr thick bacon (ye mite could thank twuz ham ceptn fer the smell n taste), lamb chops, tomaters n onions, that kinda thang.

thay wuz lots of joshin bout everbidys foibulls n by the time twuz over, i had dun et too much.

on the way home i wuz reeminded that twuz halloween whenever our car tuck us thru the village n near to one of the most amazin parades ye ever did see. nex year i plan to go thar!

hope everbidy had em a good time fer all hallows eve! i shore did.

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Tennessee Jed said...

That sounds good! A New York Strip in New York has got to be great, and they been doing it for 100 years on top of that. Between you and Blue Page Special it is like porn for the taste buds.