Saturday, November 25, 2006

long vacayshuns of buddy don: the thanksgivin tour!

me n miz bd is finely home frum a grate vacayshun, witch we
  • drove 2200 miles
  • drove thru 8 states (new jersey, pennsylvanny, marelund, west by god verginny, verginny, tennessee, kentuck n ohio)
  • listend to or skipped past 1214 songs on a iPod set on shuffle
  • drove over part of the skyline drive in virginny, witch ye kin see the hole shenandoah vally frum up thar
  • tuck a tour of the buffalo trace distillry in frankfort kentuck
  • had thanksgivin with my folks in tennessee on the saturdy before thanksgivin
  • had thanksgivin with miz bds folks in ohio, witch we had fried turky agin n twuz jes as deelishus as the furst time
ye kin bet i will rite more on all this direckly, but furst, tiz grate to be back home n me n miz bd has thangs to do before gittin back to wurk on mundy.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a great time! I am glad you are back safe and sound.