Wednesday, November 29, 2006

pomes of buddy don: We Must Complete the Mission

We Must Complete the Mission

Al qaeda is to blame
Their power has not faded –
They joined the fight with evil aim
As soon as we'd invaded.

But we won't quit until we win,
You simply must believe –
We will not take it on the chin
And lose if we should leave!

So it can't be a civil war
Since that would mean we'd failed!
For those at home keeping score,
We stay till we've prevailed!

We came with force into their land with freedom to bestow –
We must complete the mission we accomplished long ago.

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Anne Johnson said...

I dun lived me so long seems laak everthang comin round agin. Wanna bet ifn we wuz to cut n run, Iraq wood be as prosperus as Viet Nam in 30 yars? Course it's the ul makes all the differnce

Anonymous said...

This accomplished mission has lasted longer than our involvement in WW-2. Make it stop buddy don, make it stop.