Thursday, November 09, 2006

pallgies of buddy don: no blogger till twuz too late, so heres sum awefull stuff fer ye to read

blogger wuz bloggerd this mornin whenever i wuz trine to make my post n now that its back, i aint gut no time to post. so with pallgies ...

whut i wuz a'gone rite about wuz the grayshus way them rite wing bloggers has reackted to losin. ye mite not have known how bad off thangs is, till ye read em. heres a lil samplin, witch i wont make no lanks to this kinda stuff frum my blog, sos ifn ye really wonta read em, ye gone half to find em yer ownself:

frum sumthang that calls itself hyscience:
The elections are over and America has fallen for the al-taqiyya and distortions of the Democratic Party, rolled over on their backs, and surrendered to al-Qaeda. Radical Islam has won a very important victory, and the West is now full on its way to defeat. You are loosing [sic] the war on terror - the one that people like Nancy Pelosi don't think exists. Mohammad and even al-Zarqawi are laughing their asses off from their graves - they now know that America is too weak to fight their ideology and that you will surely be defeated.
frum strat-sphere:
Bin Laden and Zawahiri and all the rest of the goose-stepping Islamo fascists are probably besides themselves with glee right now. And every brave Iraqi who stood up to take control of their country, who braved suicide bombs to vote, are probably cowering in fear. The Democrats are coming, with people like Keith Olberman at their head spewing insults and conspiracy theories.
but thays 'good news' too, as hugh hewitt rites:
President Bush will not flag in the pursuit of the war, and Senator Santorum is now available for a seat on the SCOTUS should one become available. GOP senators will have the chance to select leadership equal to the new world of politics which, as the past two years have demonstrated, does not reward timidity.
thays sumthin name of balloon juice that rites these perdickshuns:
Tomorrow, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, and Chuck Schumer come over to my house, and, at taser-point, I am forced to give all my money, have an abortion, and promise I will never ever enjoy gun violence on TV. Afterwards, they hand me the new National Anthem- in Spanish. Afterwards, we are we are all forced to attend a mandatory rally for the Democrats and Al-Qaeda, because, after all- the terrorists have won.
then ye gut riehls world view:
The Democrat Platform that isn't there, save for the usual pandering with our tax dollars.... In other news, the Dems are up to their usual BS - crying and whining about everything. Because if Liberals don't win, why there must be something wrong. I don't think I've ever heard anything more arrogant than Pelosi the other day when she basically said, "The numbers are there. If we get an honest count." That, before the polls opened. These people are a disgrace to democracy.
(looks lack nancy pelosi wuz rite bout whut wood happen with a fair count ... jes sayin). larry kudlow splains how black is white, up is down, n good is evil:
Look at blue dog conservative Dem victories, and look at Northeast liberal GOP defeats. The changeover in the House may well be a conservative victory, not a liberal one. Blue dogs are rabid budget balancers.
(so them publicans won after all? btw, long as them publicans caint say the word 'Democratic' when talkin bout the Democratic Party, i bleeve they should be called 'Publicans,' but thats jes this ole hillbilly talkin). but wait, thays more, frum sumthin called iowa voice:
I think we're in for two years of defeat and retreat, pandering to Islamic extremists, extreme political correctness, multi-culturalism, open borders beyond belief, other words, we're going back to the 1970s, right after Vietnam. This is what the Democrats wanted to do, because that was their heyday, when they last had this kind of power.
all of this stuff cums by way of The Daou Report in Salon, witch ye gut to have a subscripshun to git it. for the last quote, ye kin read how Thinking Meat dun tuck this fellers 'logick' apart:
From this day forward, every soldier that perishes in SW Asia is blood on the hands of Speaker Pelosi until every soldier comes home.
sorry bout the quote fest, speshly since tiz of such vile stuff. mayhap blogger will be up early in the mornin!

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Anne Johnson said...

our own presidunt sounded laak that whaal campaignin, now he sez he gonna work with um. Tiz a shame to hear sech feer of the palitical process in these folks.

Anonymous said...

The dag gum prezdit is sociatin wit the dad blamed tarrist.
wez caint git notin done ifin he keep sociatin wit the dad blamin tarrist.

even got a dag gum woman runnin the show. after the dems take o'er we be overrun wit'em, dad blam women, git notions o fredom in their hads.

CM Edwards said...

Mohammad and even al-Zarqawi are laughing their asses off from their graves - they now know that America is too weak......

I particularly like this. The writer makes the assumption that Mohammad would approve of Al-Queda and terrorism- aimed mainly at other Muslims- much the same way that Jesus would approve of our use of cluster bombs and MOABs on children for the cause of spreading democracy.

meatbrain said...

A belated thanks for the mention, BD... some days, there is no better sport than taking apart the so-called 'arguments' of the far right.