Monday, November 13, 2006

grate weekends of buddy don: hanging out with them kids

me n miz bd had us a grate weekend spendin time with two of our three yungsters, witch thar gittin past the yungster stage (31, 29 & 26), but all thangs is relative. we had a chants to see jack n vaclavs new apartment for the furst time on saturdy nite. vaclav cooked sum amazin soup, rye bread rolls n a deesert honorin the czech flag, witch they recently had thar july 4th, only thars cums on october 28. (twuz yummy nuntheless!)

on sundy we wuz tuck up the river by loretta n paddy fer the fall foliage tour. twuz a wet n foggy day witch tuck sum of the color out of them trees, but we had us a grate time innyway. turnt out ye kin have a lotta fun with the wax coatins of them babybel cheeses. heres sum critters that wuz discoverd:

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red molly said...

Hanging out with the kids 'tis fun. That is something I miss doing. Cute critters and the cake looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

twas a grand time hangin out with you folks on sunday cant wait til the next time......paddy

Anne Johnson said...

My artist friend Cy will love those wax thangs.

karenmcl said...

Oh.. I need to make me some of them (cause I got a batch on banana needs eating!)