Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tours of buddy don: buffalo trace distillry

as ye mite know (or mite not), the buffalo trace distillry is the oldest cuntinually operatin distillry in the united states, stayin open durin prohibishun on a counta whisky bein cunsidderd a medicin, witch ifn ye wuz ailin jes rite, ye could git ye a pint ever ten days.

innywho, i tuck a slew of pitchers thar n aint had time to putt capshuns on all of em, but ye kin look at em by clickin on thisn:

i am hopin to git back into the habits i had ere we wint on vacayshun, but so fer, i aint been able to doot. hope ye enjoy them pitchers frum buffalo trace! thar whisky is fine, too.

by the way, yesterdys pitcher is upside down. heres a nuthern that gives ye a better perspecktive:

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red molly said...

I enjoyed reading about the distrillery. When I was in 6th grade our class took the train to Frankfort (that's when I lived in Lexington). As you might expect, we visited the capitol building not the distrillery. Glad you and ms bd had a good holiday trip.