Friday, November 10, 2006

dinners of buddy don: eatin with a frien in korea town

last nite i had dinner with a ole frien name of joe kim, witch i hadnt seen im in a long while. hes a feller that cum frum korea to this cuntry whenever he wuz jes a lil 11 year ole. now hes full growd n we been friens ever since we wuz wurkin together over at badbank. hes a'wurkin thar still.

he called me tuther day to say how amazed n deelited he wuz that tennessee wuz in play fer a senate seat. he sugjested we have dinner after the eeleckshun sos we could eethur celebrate or co-miserate.

so we met at the corner of 32nd n broadway round five-thirty n he picked out a place fer us to eat, witch far as i could tell, we wuz thonly ones in thar speakin english n i wuz thonly one in thar that wuznt korean. we cuverd lots of territory but not all we wonted to discuss, so we plan on gittin together agin real soon.

i tole im he could order fer us, speshly since i dint speak the lingo, n he dun it. the food wuz grate -- rice noodles n sum of the best slow cooked beef ye ever et n a nuther dish that had eggs n rice n seafood n other good stuff.

only problem is i woke up aroun 2:30 with that feelin, witch whenever i had it in the past, i wood git a migraine ere the sun cum up. this time i sufferd the fear but not the attack, so i am thankfull fer that. seems lack that depakote is wurkin up to now.

oh and by the way, he wuz verr happy bout the eeleckshun, witch he is hopefull the rest of the worl will understand that we the people aint george bush n dont bleeve in everthang them publicans stands fer, witch we aint n we dont ... n we prooved it on tuesdy.

he also aint wasted no luv on kim jong-il, but he did splain purty well whut drove im to try makin a nuke. as he splaind it, ye gut lil choice whenever yer accused of bein a part of a axis of evil n then see one of tutherns in the axis attacked by the worls only superpower: ye gut to do sumthin to make shore ye dont git attacked. he aint sayin twoodnta happend ifn bush hadnt had that axis of evil line, but he wuz sayin that once bush sed it, tuther two had to do sumthin to keep em frum bein invaded. he also noted that nobidy coulda thunk the murkins wood do so bad a conductin a war.

nuther thang he sed wuz whenever he went to git his amurkin passport renewed, he wuz ast to give lots of exter infermayshun bout his fambly n homeland n such, witch they tole im he dint have to doot, so he sed he dint woodnt. then they sed ifn he dint, he mite git called out of a line at a airport n forced to anser them questchuns n the airplane woodnt wait fer im, but he still woodnt doot. thay wuz sum other statements made that coulda been threats, but he woodnt give in (hes a verr tuff feller even ifn he probly dont way 130 pounds).

i am about to git mine renewd n caint hep but wunder ifn i will git them same questchuns.

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Anne Johnson said...

This wuz one terrific post, cuz folks don ofen see both saads of the coin. An when you sed you wuz eatin Korean food, I thot, o no, he gunna git a migraine. An you dint, an no bad fects of the depakote showin in yer writin. You rock on, BD!

Tennessee Jed said...

Heck another thing Knoxville don't have Korea town or China town or a little Italy. I am glad you had a good visit with your friend.

On your passport don't tell them you know me or you will never get to go anywhere.