Tuesday, November 07, 2006

civick duties of buddy don: votin!

me n miz bd dun gut out to the polls n voted this mornin. we wuznt furst to vote, but we wuz amung em. i am hopin this eeleckshun will be a sea change fer our land, puttin it back on the rite track, witch its been way offn it fer the last five years or so.

while we are waitin to see who will cum out the winner in them eeleckshuns, heres a pitcher of a nuther kinda fite, twixt a cuple crawdads, witch the one on the left is killer n the one on the rite is miz tenna, witch her name wuz onetenna on a counta she only had the one antenna till she molted n cum up with two of em. we aint shore shes a female, but as ye kin see, her size n colorin is smaller n less flashy, witch tiz often the case in natchur with feemales.

ifn ye click on the pitcher, twill take ye to a gallery of pitchers of the tank, witch once ye git thar, ye kin look at the originulls to see them crawdads a hole lot better.

i hope ye git out n vote n have a grate day ... n end up sangin happy days are here agin sumtime tomorruh. heaven knows we need em!

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Tennessee Jed said...

Will the crawdads hurt one another? Will the republicans stay in power?