Monday, September 11, 2006

pitchers tuck by buddy don: creepy lil critters

i spent yesterdy in bed with a nuther migraine, witch thisn wuz stopped in its tracks by miz bd a'givin me a treatment with hematite stones, witch i thank she calls it a hematite grid. so i dint have to take no imatrex to git over it, but twuz a nuff to make me miss a birthdy party fer miz bds son jack.

on saturdy i wuz feelin purty good so me n miz bd went to that brooklyn botanic garden on our way to the ackupunkchurist. i tuck a slew of pitchers, witch ye kin see one below. i wuz trine to catch sum of them creepy lil critters close up. ifn ye click on the pitcher below ye kin see a few otherns.

feel free to vote on em ifn ye lack em by lettin yer mouse hover over the photo till ye see a green thumbs up, witch i hope ye will click that in sted of the red thumbs down. ye kin make comments n such ifn ye wonta.

(ifn ye wonta make a comment, ye gut to click on 'link' below.)

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Anne Johnson said...

Did ya git yer troubles worked out with blogger? I tried to vote on the bumble bee but couldn do it.