Wednesday, September 20, 2006

pinions of buddy don: ramblins fer a windsdy

is the sitchewayshun that bad? looks lack tiz a nuff to deepress even the true bleevers. such wuz the case with a yung patriot name of A. Heather Coyne, witch ye kin read bout how she wint frum true bleever to deepressd in a articull name of The Road to Disillusionment; Army Reserve Captain 'Anxious and Depressed' Over Iraq.

almost everbidy agrees that ifn we wuznt so deependent on thar oil, we woodnt have so much truble bein cunsistent bout our morality in the middle east. in sted, we practiss whut ye wood half to call moral relativism: whuts rite fer one group (democrussy) aint sumthin to push fer a nuthern (dictaters in cuntries lack saudi arabia or kazakhstan or uzbekistan).

but why dont we jes cum up with a nuther way to git energy? they gut em one in brazil, witch how did we reack? we putt a hi tarriff on thar sugar ethanol to keep it out! ye kin read bout it ifn yer willin to pay fer times select, witch tiz discust by thomas friedman in a articull aptly named Dumb as We Wanna Be:
Thanks to pressure from Midwest farmers and agribusinesses, who want to protect the U.S. corn ethanol industry from competition from Brazilian sugar ethanol, we have imposed a stiff tariff to keep it out. We do this even though Brazilian sugar ethanol provides eight times the energy of the fossil fuel used to make it, while American corn ethanol provides only 1.3 times the energy of the fossil fuel used to make it. We do this even though sugar ethanol reduces greenhouses gases more than corn ethanol. And we do this even though sugar cane ethanol can easily be grown in poor tropical countries in Africa or the Caribbean, and could actually help alleviate their poverty.

Yes, you read all this right. We tax imported sugar ethanol, which could finance our poor friends, but we don’t tax imported crude oil, which definitely finances our rich enemies. We’d rather power anti-Americans with our energy purchases than promote antipoverty.
meanwhile, how is our puppet holdin up? not so good, ifn ye kin bleeve whuts writ in a articull name of Doubts Increase About Strength of Iraq’s Premier:
Senior Iraqi and American officials are beginning to question whether Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has the political muscle and decisiveness to hold Iraq together as it hovers on the edge of a full civil war.

Four months into his tenure, Mr. Maliki has failed to take aggressive steps to end the country’s sectarian strife because they would alienate fundamentalist Shiite leaders inside his fractious government who have large followings and private armies, senior Iraqi politicians and Western officials say. He is also constrained by the need to woo militant Sunni Arabs connected to the insurgency.
ifn ye read the rest of that articull, ye mite cum out of it wunderin whut i wunderd a long time ago: duz it take a evil dicktater?

but ifn ye wonta see how bad thangs really is, read this articull frum the frunt page of the lost angeles times name of No One Dares to Help; The wounded die alone on Baghdad's streets. An offer of aid could be your own death sentence, an Iraqi reporter writes.

freedums on the march!

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