Wednesday, September 27, 2006

pomes of buddy don: A Lesson Sublime

A Lesson Sublime

There once was a young middle eastern man –
Born in the humblest of situations –
Where violence raged 'neath a dictator's hand –
Where first born sons had no expectations.

The boy grew up to be a fine speaker –
He walked the land preaching higher law –
For truth, only truth, was he a seeker –
And all who listened heard him in awe.

The puppet authorities were not amused,
Fearing the adoring crowds he could draw –
They had him arrested, had him abused –
Tortured him till he was bloody and raw.

He saw no lawyer, was given no proof
Though he stood accused of capital crimes –
The local authorities remained aloof
As a fearful mob betrayed him three times.

And that for us was a lesson sublime –
As he was crucified on a great hill –
A suspect convicted of nary a crime –
With torture aren't we crucifying him still?

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Anonymous said...

Magnificent Buddy Don. Simply magnificent.