Friday, September 22, 2006

mizry of buddy don: yesterdy

i reckun that thang i hate most bout them migraines i git is how they dont seem to pay no tenchun atall to my efforts to live thru em. ifn ye git the sniffles or allergies or even a stumach ache, ye kin grit yer teeth n git thru it.

yesterdy mornin i woke up at 2:30. thay wudnt no way to fall back to sleep so i gut up. ifn i wood add mitt it, i wood half to say i knew even then i wuz a'gone be sick. ifn i wood ackcept that, then i could take my medicin n call in sick n go back to bed.

but i caint bleeve the gentle beginnin of one of these attacks kin turn so ugly so fast. i went bout my mornin, couldnt hardly thank of nuthin to blog bout cept that book, witch i bleeve i wuz trine my best to feel better.

it dint matter nun. i lef fer wurk a'wundern the hole way whut could i eat without gittin sicker. turnt out it dint matter. i had a early meetin n while i wuz sittin in it, a cowurker ast me wuz i ok.

how is it everbidy kin see i am sick even when i am trine not to bleeve it my ownself?

dint matter whut i thought, ate, did. dint matter how much i tride to use willpower to keep frum gittin sick. the nausea gut to risin till i found myself gruntin over the bowl in the mens room n after vomitin once, thay wudnt no way to turn back.

so i cum home n sufferd lack crazy till the medicin let me sleep fer most of the day. when i gut up, i felt better, but evertime i git one of these thangs, i feel a lil hollow the nex day, witch thats how i feel now. i know frum eggsperients that twill be a ruff mornin but by the time i have lunch i should feel fine.

lease thats my hope.

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Anne Johnson said...

I don't figger you for the kinda guy gots faeries in his house. But if I wuz you, I'd leave a lil glass of wine on the kichen counner, n sometimes a few crumbs uv somethin sweet. I don think even faeries kin cause the sufferin of migraines - they woodn do it. But they might a bit help ya see them episoads comin up the pike and warn ya.