Tuesday, September 05, 2006

obsesshuns of buddy don: still caint git a nuff smugmug

i half to add mitt, tiz a good thang i had that truble with the size limit here on blogger on a counta how it gut me to try smugmug. tiz a grate place.

i also wonta say thankee to everbidy who hepped out by follering them lanks n clickin the green thumbs up on sum of my pitchers. heres a nuthern frum a differnt gallery. thisns the story of The Tank, witch thats the aquarium we have in our apartment. i been keepin this same tank fer over 12 years now n have one fish thats goin on his 11th year with me (his name is Felix the Catfish). heres a pitcher of a nuther catfish that lives in the tank, witch his name is Fritz the Catfish. we dun had im fer over 6 years n he aint near as shy as Felix. we never once gut a good pitcher of Felix.

ifn ye have a lil time, twood be a blessin ifn ye wuz to foller that lank n click sum thumbs up signs on sum of the pitchers.

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Tennessee Jed said...

You know how much I love thoes little tiny cinder blocks...they drive me crazy.