Thursday, September 28, 2006

pinions of buddy don: pre-9/11 war tackticks

seems lack ever other day ye here mr cheney or mr bush accusin them dimcrats of havin a pre-9/11 mindset. they lacks to claim how everthang changed whenever they wuz asleep at the switch long a nuff fer al qaeda to attack the worl trade center, witch histry shows how they wudnt gonna let tharself do innythang the clinton addministrayshun reckomennded. twuz all abc (anything but clinton) all the time.

so them terrsts cum, manely frum saudi arabia (15 of 19) to eggsecute a plot hatched in afghanistan by a feller name of osama that we set up as a 'freedum fiter' whenever the enemy wuz still the evil empire of the ussr, witch as ye mite member turnt out to be a massive potemkin village.

thar furst response wuz purty good: git into afghanistan to fite the taliban n reemove the sankchewairy whar osama n al qaeda wuz doin thar evil bizness of preparrin to attack us.

but rite away, they gut onto whut they wuz really wontin to do all along, witch that wuz to attack iraq. i bleeve in my hart (tho i caint proove it since they dont bleeve the peeple deeserve to know whut thar eleckted offishulls is up to when they hold secret energy meetings) – i bleeve in my hart that mr cheneys energy task force that met plenty of times, leevin no time to meet on al qaeda fer that other task force that mr cheney wuz leadin but not doin nuthin bout, i bleeve that task force wuz wurkin on the only possibull solushun to the oil crisis, witch thats to grab the last grate known oil reeserves lef in the worl, witch thats iraq.

i larnt a lot bout this by readin that book by Kevin Phillips name of American Theocracy. mr. phillips rites on page 75 of the paperback edishun:
In Baghdad's Iraqi National Museum, left wide open to looters in 2003 by careless U.S. military planners, dozens of wall maps explained Iraq's achievements as the cradle of world civilization: its invention of writing and the wheel, the birth of mathematics, and the establishment of the first code of laws (Hammurabi's). By most archeologists' accounts, the museum and the National Library were world-class institutions with unique collections.

Even so, the first major building to be surrounded and occupied by American soldiers was the one housing truly vital maps and artifacts: the Iraqi Oil Ministry. Here were thousands of seismic portraits of the nation's oil fields, the subterranean keys to Majnoon, northern Rumaila, West Qurna, and many more. World opinion had little difficulty in mistaking U.S. priorities.

[... to page 76]

The oil maps, in short, had long been the ones that mattered. For the U.S. and British oil companies, losing these concessions to the nationalizations of the 1970s was infuriating. The irony with respect to Iraq was that for one reason or another, the 1970s were the only decade of heavy pumping and large oil revenues. Production had been kept low during the glutted thirties, and it then stagnated during World War II. By 1948 Iraq's commercial production was just one-seventh that of Iran and one-sixth that of Saudi Arabia. Then between 1980 and 1988, the drawn-out Iran-Iraq War curbed output in both countries. Next came the Gulf War in 1991, followed by the effects of United Nations sanctions from 1990 until the subsequent invasion of Iraq in 2003. Over the last decade or so this chronology of Iraq's surprisingly limited oil production has become relevant again for a simple reason: given that relatively little of Iraq's oil has been pumped, most of it is still in the ground.
but whut did that miss-lead em to do?

tiz true that we wuz attacked by a new kind of enemy, lease fer us, but the furst attacks cum in the early nineties. even so, twuz the attacks of 9/11 that gut the current addministrayshun to pay tenchun to terrism in sted of missile deefents, witch that wuz all they could talk bout till them towers fell (tiz a good bit of bizness fer thar cronies, makin a missile deefents that costs billions in public treshure to perteck us agin enemies that caint do much to attack us innyway n witch wood be total suicide fer em given that we have the worls gratest supply of 'nukular' weppons n missiles that ackshly wurk to shoot rite back at any cuntry dumb a nuff to attack us thataway).

when them towers fell, thats whenever them publicans, fer short term palliticull gain, gut into thar habit of accusin the dimcrats of havin pre-9/11 mindset.

but heres whut gits me: the new kind of enemy that the addministrayshun finely understood wuz attackin us wuz not a state. twuznt a gummint of inny kind. twuz a tacktick name of terror that our enemies wonts to cunvints folks to use agin us, witch that means twuz a battle fer harts n minds, not fer regime change, not to brang down n occupy a nuther cuntry.

in other wurds, in response to a differnt kind of enemy, they used pre-9/11 war tackticks. pre-9/11 we had a army that could deefeet inny cuntry that wonted to go up agin us, but twuz ill equipped to go up agin the new kind of enemy, witch they aint part of no gummint, dont have the approval of nary a one of em (ceptn fer the taliban in afghanistan, witch we abandoned that place long befor the job wuz cumpletely dun). as mr rumsfeld sed, thay wudnt no good targets in afghanistan, beesides witch, they had all these plans fer attackin iraq reddy so why not use em?

so we proovd that we could attack n deefeet a hamstrung thurd-rate power lack iraq in record time, could have us a feel good misshun accomplished moment that only showed the worl how locked up in pre-9/11 war tackticks we really wuz.

turnt out that usin pre-9/11 war tackticks only managed to sow the seeds of anarchy into the desert winds of iraq, witch we been reapin the worlwind of that ever since.

tiz time fer sumbidy, even ifn tiz only a educated fool of a wanderin hillbilly, to say that we gut to quit usin pre-9/11 war tackticks. all we been able to do – n that thar nashunull intelligents estimutt prooves it – is to help spread the verr evil we claim we are trine to fite.

sum facks this addministrayshuns wishes wood go away include these:
  • iraq dint attack us
  • iraq dint have ties to al qaeda
  • osama bin laden dint wonta have nuthin to do with a secularist lack saddam hussein
  • saddam hussein wuz a authoritarian, a dicktater, n the last thang he wonted wuz to have terrists in his totalitarian state
  • twuz the ideeology deeveloped in the madrasses of saudi arabia n pakistan that fed the terrsts thar evil bleefs that attackin the west usin terrism wood be the thang they orta do
  • ye caint win harts n minds with bullets!
the goal of terrism is not to brang down a gummint, witch nobidy thanks a ragtag bunch of criminulls could ever take over the worls only remanin superpower, but whut it can do is skeer folks so much that they themselves will brang down the free n open society they had dun made fer thayself, witch in that sense, them terrsts is winnin n the bush addministrayshun is the one a'doin thar biddin by takin away everthang that makes made amurka the lite of the worl, the eggsample that shows peeple everwhar that thays a better way to live.

the hole point of usin terrism is to skeer the cuntry ye attack so much that that cuntry chooses to git rid of thar own rites, to change thar own society. the idee is to skeer peeple so much that they caint hardly thank fer tharself.

when our own gummint duz everthang it kin to inflate the threat n increase the fear, them terrst win ... n our own gummint duz thar biddin.

when we deecide to lower ourself to the level of the terrsts by usin torchur, them terrsts win ... n our own gummint duz thar biddin.

when we deecide to reemove rites the west has held since the magna carta – speshly the writ of habeus corpus – them terrsts win ... n our own gummint duz thar biddin.

when we deecide that the good will n pinion of a man is to be putt above the rule of law, them terrsts win ... n our own gummint duz thar biddin.

i wurk in man hattan. i wuz wurkin in a lil offus jes a cuple blocks away frum them towers whenever we wuz attacked. ifn i had been walkin thru them towers at the usual time in sted of bein on a lil vacayshun, i wooda been in the south tower whenever that furst plane hit. the attack killt that lil bizness i wuz a'wurkin fer.

but i am not afraid. nuthin mr bush n mr cheney n n mr rumsfeld n miz rice has ever sed makes me afraid of no terrst.

but whut they dun been a'doin to the ideals of amurka, whut they been a'doin by grabbin power fer thar ownself, that has me verr afraid.

they are a'doin the verr thang they claim they are pertecktin us agin, witch thats bein forced to give up our way of life.

meanwhile, on the ground in iraq, usin pre-9/11 war tackticks, we are stuck in a quagmire whar the forces fitin have hated each other ever since the split in islam in the 7th centry that led to thar bein sunnis n shias.

mr bush sed yesterdy we wuz on the offense agin folks that wonta do us harm but thats jes a nuther lie: them iraqis wudnt trine to do us no harm.

beesides witch, our usin pre-9/11 war tackticks has made the problem much wurser. fer my hole life n my daddys hole life befor that n his daddys hole life befor that, thay has been sum army frum the west in the middle east. never once wuz it free of outside military forces livin amung em. durin that same time, thay hasnt been nary one muslim army in our land or in inny land in the west.

it makes folks mad to be invaded, to be occupied, to be humiliated. ifn they git mad a nuff, they will attack back however they kin. tiz obveeus they caint possibly attack us usin pre-9/11 war tackticks since thay aint no doubt the west has the edge thar.

in sted, they gut to use other tackticks. now they kin claim that the amurkins, the west, has dun it agin, has dun invaded n occupied n humiliated muslims. so terrism is spreddin lack a cancer that has metastasized n spred everwhar.

thats on a counta how terrism is a tacktick that caint be fought with pre-9/11 war tackticks.

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Anne Johnson said...

This is a rite brite sessment here, BD, n I wood add that the terrists also won by a-takin us broke n runnin up reckerd defcits. N they won by sendin money cooda been used ta make cities safer over to cities we Mericans never see. To make those cities less safe.

Nice mess we be in, huh? I thank Rednecromancer has the rite idee. We shood secede and make us a nation of Appalachia.

Tennessee Jed said...

I am another who is far more afraid of our own leadership than any terrorist.

A terrorist will just plain kill you, a bad president will fuck up your life and mess up your kids life too.