Thursday, September 21, 2006

book revue of buddy don: The Four Agreements

a lil while ago i red me a book name of The Four Agreements writ by a feller name of Don Miguel Ruiz. i aint gut too much to say bout it ceptn that tiz one of the best books i ever red fer makin a bidy feel better.

the four agreements is simple:
  • be impeccabull with yer speech
  • dont take thangs personull
  • dont make no assumpshuns
  • do yer best
i know that sound purty simple, but ifn ye read that book, read bout the importunts of yer word (in the beginning wuz the word n the word wuz with god n the word wuz god) n how tiz a sacred trust not to abuse it fer gossip or lyin or misleadin n such. tiz purty obveeus, but ifn ye try to foller along with that, not only in trine to keep frum misusin yer own speech but also trine not to be sucked into the misuse of speech others wonts to make, then ye git to feel better rite away.

but fer me, the secunt one is the best. mayhap that shows ye how i gut to hi a pinion of myself n whut others is thankin bout me, but ifn ye real eyes how most of whut other folks sez bout ye tells ye more bout them than it do bout you, ye git to feelin better.

i wont spoil the hole book for ye, but i stronly urge ye to give it a lil read. i know it has led to me feelin much better bout myself n my life everday since i red it.

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