Tuesday, August 22, 2006

pomes of buddy don: If Ever We Would See a Brighter Day

If Ever We Would See a Brighter Day

Who are these evil-doers on the television news?
And what could make them go so far astray?
Are they primeval monsters that crawled up from the ooze –
Genetic defects who were born that way?

Or were they babes in mangers with tiny baby shoes
Whose parents taught them how to bow and pray?
Were not their mothers there if they should fall and get a bruise
To love them and to kiss the tears away?

Had they no bright future, no hope that they could choose –
No dream that they might realize someday?
Did they never sacrifice or learn to pay their dues
In order that good things should come their way?
What happened to convert them
To confuse them, to divert them
To turn them from the path of purity?
What evil could have made them
Could have used them and betrayed them
Into such malignant immaturity?
No answers can I offer, no solutions you could choose –
I suffer with you the same great dismay.
But Terror's just a tactic that some decide to use
It has no ideology per se.

So blame not Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Bhuddists, or the Jews
For none is terror an accepted way.
We all must teach our children such evil to refuse
If ever we would see a brighter day.

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Anne Johnson said...

What happened to convert them?