Wednesday, August 16, 2006

evenin fun of buddy don: meetin red mollys son n his gurlfriend

corse we ast em to meet us at st andrews, witch thats whar we furst met mr n miz red molly. twuz a fine evenin with sum good food, sangle malt scotches (them kids wuz willin to try em, but thar bof whut ye mite call wine luvers – they know more bout wine than ye kin shake a stick at).

dont know ifn i gut room fer it, but this here pitcher shows ye jes whut a fine pair of folks they is.

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red molly said...

Thank you very much for meeting the kids and for posting a great picture. As you know, is was just about one year ago that we meet you and ms. bd at St. Andrews. Who would have thought a year later you would be doing the same thing with my son and his girlfriend.

Anne Johnson said...

Back up and running? Hope so!

I split my seams laughing when I saw how my sage computer advice helped you. Just call me Anne the Techno Whiz!

Tennessee Jed said...

First of all Thanks Techno Anne for making this possible.

Eric the Red looks happy with his sweetie on his arm. I bet you guys had a great time visiting. I am so very glad to see these connections made.