Monday, August 04, 2008

pinions of buddy don: shootin frum the hip

in a comment to this here post, fletch ast a questchun that deesurves a anser:
Nice pics. I noticed that they seem to be taken from waist level. Do you have the camera strapped to your belt, shoot from the hip, or are you just a short person? I'm always afraid of getting punched when taking pics of unsuspecting people and wonder if your camera is hidden. You might have mentioned this in a previous post but I can't remember now. Hope you are feeling better.
as ye mite have notissd, i luv to take pitchers of folks when they aint pozin. ifn they see ye pointin a camra at em, thar lackly to ack out or even to hide thar faces. tiz thar rite, n ifn i bleeve sumbidy dont wont thar pitchet tuck (within reason), then i dont take it.

thang is, ifn a bidy cums out in publick, thar in whut is known as the publick domain, n so longs i dont make claims bout em lackin one product over a nuthern, then i kin take n use thar pitchers as art. i am also lucky that i live in a place whar thays mosly tursts on the streets n innywhar ye look, thays a passle of folk takin pitchers, makin it easy to fit in. thays sum places ye kin point the camra rite at folk with no trubles, but puttin it up to yer eye is a ded giveaway.

since i dont wont em to know n then poze, i tend to shoot frum the hip. i have practissd it a minny a time by now. twuz a lot easier with the last camra i had, a canon rebel xt, witch wuz lite n easy to cuntrol.

whenever i moved up to a canon eos 5d, i give tuther camra to my son tony sos he could take lots of pitchers of our new grandson ezekiel. the new one aint near as easy to use. it caint use the image stablizayshun lenses, the camras a lot heavier, n tiz much harder to cuntrol. tuck me a while to larn it.

now i wurk it by havin a monopod on it most everwhar i go. i set it to a size that makes it almost lack a good walkin stick. then i sumtimes pause, look around at thangs (not whar the camras pointed, witch i have larnt how to frame a pitcher purty good without lookin thru the vue finder), n snap pitchers thats generly speakin not whar i am a'lookin.

as a reesult, thays a minny a shot tuck frum the hip. as fer my height, tiz jes a shade under 6 feet, so i caint say i am all that short.

thankee fer astin, fletch! i am trine to larn that hdr process ye bin a'usin n feel lack i gut more frum yer site than innywhar else i dun looked, tho i caint satisfy myself with em yet ...

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fletch said...

Thanks for the info. I've lived near the beach for a while, and one time asked some girls in bikinis playing volleyball if I could take their pic. They gave me a cold,"Please don't". I could have argued my rights but would have made some pretty girls very angry and would have made me feel like a pervert, which they sort of did any how. It would be hard to convince them it was just for art. I guess you have to consider the circumstances. For HDR, I just figured out it's better to shoot in aperture priority mode so the depth-of-field stays the same for each exposure. I had been shooting in shutter-priority. It sounds pretty basic but I'm a slow learner and always read the instruction manuals last.