Monday, August 25, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: lil ezekiel at two months

tiz oft sed that a child changes rite befor yer verr eyes. tiz even more dramatick ifn ye dont see the child moren once a week, even less ifn yer havin migraines (mine lacks to cum on saturdy mornin most of all).

innywho, yesterdy wuz the last chants fer jack to meet ezekiel ere he gits on the plane fer prague, witch he will do that this evenin. so twuz that all wuz gatherd over at isaiahs, witch by everbidy i mean jack, loretta n paddy.

heres a pitcher of the lil feller in paddys arms, witch he luvs the camera n aint skeerd of nobidy a'holdin im, mayaph on a counta i wuz takin his pitcher before he wuz one hour ole n that day everbidy n thar bruther had to hold im fer a bit.

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