Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: too minny pitchers to fool with!

ever since fletch larnt me how to do this hdr stuff, i bin takin more pitchers than ye could shake a stick at. fack is, i caint keep up with em all. tuther saturdy me n miz bd went by the brooklyn botanick garden after ackupunkchur (whut a blessin! kills the migraine ever time, tho it mite come back on the walk to the subway). corse i couldnt reesist seein how sum hdrs wood look frum thar. heres a few of em ...

one of the best thangs bout this hdr stuff is how it makes ye notiss thays other thangs wurthy of pitchers. used to be i woodnt hardly be innerested in the native flora part of the garden on a counta twuz verr hard to git pitchers that wudnt close up shots of flowers n such. but with the hdr, ye kin git a grove of trees to look kindly lack it looks to yer eye whenever yer thar in persun ...

finely thays sum magick that kin happen. as ye know ifn ye visit this here blog verr often, i luv to take pitchers of folks in thar native habitat a'doin thangs without pozin or thankin bout no camra. as we wuz walkin out of the park, i spied this yung lady ritin in a book, witch she wuz sittin so still i could git off a few shots to make this hdr

i also know i gut to do sumthin bout the monitor on the computer on a counta my pitchers cums out too dark even tho they look jes fine on the screen. tiz also a fack that lookin at em with inny screen definishun lowern say 1280 by 1024 makes em look bad. my pallgies fer that.

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fletch said...

I've had to buy a new laptop that can handle the heavy lifting HDR requires, also with tons of disk storage for all the pics I've been taking. Working with HDR is like having an expensive drug habit, not that I really know what that's like tho. Great pics.