Thursday, August 07, 2008

revues of buddy don: fletch n that thar hdr method

as ye probly know by now, i luv pitchers. i have larnt a trick or two bout em n hope to larn more. one of the thangs that poplar now is hdr, witch thats a short way to say hi dynamick range. ifn tiz dun rite, ye have pitchers that looks lack the real worl on a counta how our eyes is so much bettern the verr bes camra lenses ever made.

i couldnt seem to ken thisn tho till i saw whut fletch had larnt to do. sumhow his eggsplainayshuns git thru to me, not that i have dun a sangle one of them thangs that satisfies me ... yet.

meanwhile, take a gander at whut fletch has dun! ye kin jes foller the lank above to git thar, but make shore ye look at these beeyooties:thays all wurthy of a gander, so git on over thar n treat yer eyes n yer spirit.

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fletch said...

Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to drop me a note about what you're doing with HDR that isn't working. I might be able to help but I'm still learning myself.