Saturday, August 23, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: new perspecktiv on the sunrise

as everbidy knows, technallgy makes it possibull to see thangs that ye couldnt see befor or even to look at the hole world in a differnt way once ye git to knowin bout them new possibilties. so tiz with hdr. ever whar i go i see new possibilties.

but thays a lil moren that. here lately they finishd up a bildin n opened up the walkway in frunt of it to whar tiz easy to walk a lil futher down on the waterfrunt (we live rite on the hudson river). so that made it a lot shorter to walk futher downtown to take sum pitchers.

so thays two new ways i gut to look at thangs ...

a new 'how': hdr, wich ye kin do by takin a series of pitchers, each time changin the shutter speed a lil n then later on lettin photoshop work five or six of em over till they turns into one.

a new 'whar': futher downtown.

otherwise, twuz purty much the same ole same ole ...

'whut': the man hattan skyline with lots of puffy clouds hangin round everwhar but not rite on the horizon, witch that makes it possibull fer the risin sun to shine on em frum below.

'when': that time of a mornin whar thays jes a lil sugjestchun of a glow near the east horizon. this mornin twuz about 5:15 with a 6:13 sunrise.

'why': on a counta makin thangs changes yer perspectiv.

this here is a shot i never wooda made ifn twernt fer hdr ...

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