Thursday, August 14, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: hdr vs reglar pitcher

i luv that hdr stuff, but it dont wurk fer everthang. on saturdy me n miz bd will be in brooklyn fer ackupunkchur, witch after that tiz a trip to the garden, whar we plan to spend a lil time in the native flora part of the park on a counta dont nobidy hardly ever goes thar n thays jes the kinda dappled lite ye need fer a good hdr.

ye mite could thank the mornin sunrise wood be a good candidate n whenever the clouds gits jes rite, i speck thats the case. this mornin me n miz bd gut out to the waterfrutn in time fer civil twilite. whilst she dun her tai chi, i tuck a slew of pitchers. heres a cuple of em, one hdr, tuther jes a plane pitcher, not necessarly in that order.

seems to me lack ye dont gain much in this case with hdr on a counta ye lose a lot of the color even ifn ye do git more thangs visibull. i caint hardly wait to try this at the garden. i am also a'hopin to find them sacred lotuses doin thar thang.

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fletch said...

I've noticed that low contrast scenes are rarely candidates for HDR in my experience so far. I've tried some flowers also which look better with one exposure, but it depends on the composition and light of course. I imagine if direct sun was on the flowers or in the background HDR would help, but if you have even light it might not. I think Photomatix tries too hard to identify high contrast areas and when none are found it tries to bring out even smaller variations of light and can mess it up.