Wednesday, August 13, 2008

waka of budouadana: Start

this lil waka here wuz writ after a good friend of mine tole me bout his daddy bildin a exter room on his house. he wood cum home of a evenin lack innybidy, wore plum out frum a day of hard wurk. after dinner, in sted of watchin the tee vee, he wood tell his wife he wonted to go out to the room he wuz a'bildin n 'drive one nail.' twuz easy a nuff fer im to git up to do that. once he wuz thar with his tools on, seem lack he wood wurk till twuz time fer bed. corse, he finished that thar room all by hisself (he mite coulda got a bit of hep along the way, but he dun most of the wurk without it).

The project too vast
To complete in a mere day,
I hated to start,
So I said, “I’ll drive one nail,”
And in no time, it was done.

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Geekman said...

Thanks, BD. One correction: Dad wasn't adding a room to the house. He was building the entire house on a lot he'd purchased.

Geekman said...

Oh, and also: Mom had a hand in building the house as well.

But you got the most important detail exactly right. Dad's philosophy has kept me going throughout the years. In fact, it was the one memory of him that I shared with friends and family at his recent memorial service.