Tuesday, August 05, 2008

pomes of buddy don: Decreasing Demand

Decreasing Demand

Your businessmen don’t like efficiency
Since it just cuts down customer need —
Covertly they cheer a deficiency
For giving them cover to satisfy greed.

They're all quite sure it’s a grand waste of time
To limit demand for oil and such
Instead they would like to pump more of the grime
To sell at a price that’s not quite too much.

To them conservation is just a big joke
They need to make fun of those who believe
That reducing demand just might provoke
Curtailment of costs good sense could achieve.

It’s just like their drug war, a thing of supply —
Decreasing demand "costs too much" to apply.

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1 comment:

Tennessee Jed said...

Very good observation, sir.

I am glad you are feeling good enough to make observations.