Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: cuple hdrs that dint wurk lack i hoped

one of the thangs i bleev i will git one of these daze is a good pitcher of the moon agin eethur the skyline of man hattan or a bildin or sumthin. thang is, ye caint hardly bleev how brite the moon is. i tried gittin it on the furst shot, but even tho i putt the settin to whar one of the pitchers dint have nuthin but the moon, it still wudnt whut i wonted. thays also the fack that the moon seems to move verr fast on a counta the earth a'turnin ...

thisn wuz a lil complicated by the street lamp in the upper rite side ...

i real eyes that these here pitchers aint suckcessfull, but tiz importunt to see whut wurks n whut dont on a counta the best way to larn it to take as minny chantses n pitchers as ye kin.

nuther thang i need to do is to calibrate my monitor on a counta whenever i print sumthin, tiz way too dark. same thang with these here pitchers: thar all rite when i see em here, but at wurk thar way too dark. i reckun the same is probly true fer yall.

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