Thursday, July 31, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: feelin foggy on a sunny day

i wuz miss tuck yesterdy whenever i writ that i had bin sick since july 8. miz bd reeminded me how twuz ackshly a week later, july 15, that i gut sick. so thangs has been bad, but not that bad. i cummenced to takin steroids nite befor last n this mornin so far i feel lack i wont half to upchuck. i am sick of bein here betwixt cuvers waitin fer the pain or nausea to give me a brake. thang is, i bin feelin nausea fer so long i caint hardly member whut it feels lack not to feel it. wurst is how i kin ast my docters aint thar sumthin else that could be a'causin this? but they just say taint all that bad n how thays migraneurs thats sick 3 days out of ever 4. how kin they live?

innywho, heres sum pitchers i tuck a while back, witch lookin at em now, they seem almost to be a bit on the brite side with folks movin fast a nuff to make my hed swim. corse, my heds dun alreddy swimmin ...

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fletch said...

Nice pics. I noticed that they seem to be taken from waist level. Do you have the camera strapped to your belt, shoot from the hip, or are you just a short person? I'm always afraid of getting punched when taking pics of unsuspecting people and wonder if your camera is hidden. You might have mentioned this in a previous post but I can't remember now. Hope you are feeling better.