Wednesday, July 30, 2008

eggspainayshuns of buddy don: bin sick fer a while

used to be i wood rite ye notes bout sufferin migrain mizry. lately i bin trine not to be spend so much time on such stuff.

but ever since the 8th of july, i bin sick as kin be with three daze of relief (windsdy, thursdy n fridy of last week) on a counta takin steroids. as soon as they run out (saturdy), i wuz sick agin. finely i ast the neuro ifn he couldnt do sumthin, so he perscribed sum more steroids, witch i tuck em last nite n thank i wont half to spend my day vomitin today.

tiz a grate thing, almos to whar i feel lack i am reflecktin the cleansin sunlite in place of the darkness of the bed whar i bin a'spendin my daze lyin in a fetal posishun with pillers on bof ears a'hopin i will cum out tuther side. after a while i will add mitt that i even git to thankin that ifn i dint wake up, twoodnt be near as panefull as ifn i did. that dont mean i wood ever give up, but i kin see whar folks duz.

innywho, heres a pitcher of a bildin reflecktin lite, witch i am a'hopin i kin do the verr same thang today (even tho tiz a fack that them steroids also makes ye wonta vomit, witch i am mitey tempted ...):

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Buck said...

Every day you reflect a little light in my direction Buddy Don. I am pullin' for you and hope that things continue to improve for you.