Wednesday, July 02, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: ducks suckin goodness frum the muck

tuther day after ackupunkchur whenever i wuz a'waitin fer miz bd to join me in a short visit to the brooklyn botanic garden, i cum across sum ducks, all female, filterin sumthin they musta luved frum the muck of a small stream. them ducks in the garden is nigh on to tamed, so twuz easy to git sum pitchers to proov how much they lacked that stuff ...

heres the furst cuple of em, witch ye kin see thar usin thar beaks to sift sumthin frum the muck ...

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1 comment:

fletch said...

Pictures tuck,
of ducks,
sucking goodness
from the muck.
We should all
have such luck.

Ok, not quiet up to your waka standards but it's a start.