Thursday, July 03, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: pitchers tuck ack! fishes cawt with a camra

taint everday that sumbidy makes a comment on this site n ifn thats a rare thang, tiz even rarer to git a pome, witch thats whut fletch wuz kind a nuff to leave yesterdy:
Pictures tuck,
of ducks,
sucking goodness
from the muck.
We should all
have such luck.
i am feelin purty lucky my ownself to read such a fine lil pome! thankee, fletch. now wander on over to fletchs site to see sum grate pitchers. he has the eye of a artist n goes to the best places ...

speakin of them ducks he writ about, as ye could tell frum the pitchers of em i putt in here yesterdy, them animulls that lives in the bbg has been nearly tamed. whuts true bout them ducks is true bout them fish. heres a lil fotograffick proof ...

this yaller koi wuz coy bout gittin his pitcher tuck, but i wuz payshunt a nuff to wait im out ...

as ye mite know bout fish, thar lack babies: everthang git putt into thar mouth to see whuther tiz tasty a nuff to eat, witch this koi had to try eatin a leaf!

corse, he spit it out bout as quick as he gut a taste of it ...

wharever thays koi, ye kin bet ye thays sum turtles ...

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Tennessee Jed said...

I love the way
you love the way
people have rhythmic
things to say.