Tuesday, February 28, 2006

treetments of buddy don: sleepin over

so i went thru that sleep study on sundy nite. a feller frum ecuador name of eric cum in n hooked me up to a slew of wires. tiz a wunder he could git em untangled. thay wuz a cuple on each calf, rite whar the ackunpunkchurist sticks in her needles. thay wuz a cuple of straps, one round my chest, one round my belly. thay wuz attachments a nuff to git ye a ekg n a eeg, witch that meant a tangle of them thangs on my hed, so minny eric had to putt a mesh cap on my hed once he had glued em all to me. thay was also a cuple of thangs a'goin up my nose n one stuck to my left forefanger.

the room i wuz sleepin in wuz a lil on the cold side. thay wuz a camera in thar so eric could watch me sleep. ifn i needed to pee, all i had to do wuz say, 'hello, eric?' n he wood anser rite away, astin whut i needed. then he cum in n deetached the main wire bord n handed it to me sos i could go pee. then he hooked it back up n putt me to bed.

round 4:15 am, i woke up n calld him sos i could pee n git up. he wood let me pee, but not git up. in sted, he tole me that taint natcherull to wonta git up that early n thonly reason i wuz a'doon it wuz sos i could rest on a counta i wuznt gittin no restful sleep due to sleep apnea. so he sed i wuz wakin up to take a rest frum trine to sleep when i caint breathe verr well.

he finely let me git up around 6:30, witch by then i wuz feelin as woozy as could be. he tole me thay wuznt no doubt bout me havin a bad case of sleep apnea. he sed my life wuz a'gone change fer the better once i but me my cpap. he ast me why i waited so long. i wunderd fer whut? he sed why dint i git a sleep study whenever i furst started havin my trubles. i tole im twuz on a counta nobidy sugjestin it till miz bd sed she thought it mite be a problem.

thays still a ways fer me to go. i half to see the new neurologist today, make a pointment with a ear nose n throat docter, see them sleep folks agin, n deecide on a treement. i had my annual fizzicull yesterdy n my primary keer docter tole me twood be the usual fite to git the cpap. he sed the insurants cumpny wood deny it n i wood half to gather sum testimonyalls frum my docters n in the end, i wood git it.

i kin hardly wait. i wuz sick as a dog yesterdy mornin, but i reackted a lil differnt. everybidy at wurk could see i wuz fixin to git sick, so i went home, but i dint take no zomig. miz bd had gut a book by teri robert name of Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches. i larnt more bout migraines a'readin the furst few chapturs of that book than i had known in all my life befor. i dint real eyes how much thay wuz to be known bout it.

fer instunts, i dint know twuz so dedly: more folks dies frum migraine strokes than frum gun shots in the usa! i dint even know thay wuz sumthin name of migraine stroke, witch ifn ye have a migraine that keeps on past 72 hours, ye mite jes git one!

i also dint know thay wuz so minny differnt kinds of migraines n that them that suffers frum sum of em should not git inny triptans, period! that means no zomig.

i also dint know that ye could git 'rebound hedaches' frum takin yer medicin too often. after a while, the verr medicin thats spozed to make ye well makes ye sicker! that splains a lot of whut has gone on with me. so whenever i cum home feelin so bad yesterdy, i dint take no zomig but cleaned my nose with a rhino horn n putt on a Breathe Right strip, tuck a cuple of reglar ole bayer asspurn n went to bed, sleepin lack the ded till twuz time to leave for the docters offus whar i wood git my annual fizzicull.

so in sum ways, i know moren i did befor, but in otherns, i am jes as puzzled by whuts a'gone on. i will definitely finish readin that book on migraines n lackly try to git myself a bit better educated.

at sum point, i wonta rite bout whut all this has larnt me bout our strange health keer systum. it appears to be dedicated more to the health of the medicull industrial complex, not the health of the individual.

but good news: AstraZenica is makin a lot of money offn zomig!

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red molly said...

I'm hoping the best for you buddy don.

Anonymous said...

... I'm making an appointment today for the same thing... good luck, Hillbilly....

Anne Johnson said...

Ma mama-in-law had apnea, they put her on a oxxegen mask, and now she sleep laak a babe all time. Continuin prayers for you & Mrs. BD, she must be a grate lady.

Tennessee Jed said...

I hope you are on the right track! Sounds good from this side.

We love you down here in Knoxville.

realitybasedbob said...

hang in there buddy don. watch your diet and smile when you can.

Deb said...

Very intesting about the sleep study test! What if that ends up being the very answer to the migraines?!? Wow!

So here's hoping that it's a simple as that, Buddy Don. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you forge through :))

I'm gonna check out that book you've recommended.