Wednesday, February 22, 2006

mizry of buddy don: new simptum

i am dressd fer wurk n wishin i could go, but miz bd is trine to hold me off on a counta a new simptum i gut yesterdy, witch thats how i caint see everthang outta my left eye. i caint splain it, but tiz kindly lack when yer tv pixelates. i reckun thats whar them halos n other effecks cums frum, but i aint never had it so strong befor. tiz a reglar simptum of migraines, but i aint ever had thisn n tiz a verr bothersum thang.

but i aint gonna go that easy. furst i am a'gone try to finish whut i promissd yesterdy, witch is how tennessee jed tagged me.

furst is the list:
  1. Rex L.
  2. Aunt B.
  3. Newscoma
  4. Tennessee Jed
  5. wandering hillbilly
nex is who i am taggin to git this, witch i hardly know who to pick, but heres my lil list with pallgies to innybidy that dont wonta do em:
  1. deb at sugarfused
  2. eric at straight white guy
  3. omni at omniverse
  4. anne johnson at the gods are bored
  5. steve at whites creek
i wish i could keep up with this, but the lite show is makin me feel sick to my stumach, so i reckun im gone half to quit fer a while. i will try to do tuther half of thisn tomorrow.

ifn ye wonta make comments, such as tellin me i shouldnta tagged ye, jes click the wurd 'link' below n ye will see how to doot.


red molly said...

buddy don, now I am really worried about you as I spect most of your other blogging friends are worried too. I know ms bd is gonna make sure you get taken care of, I just hope this new symptom isn't as serious as it sounds and you are on the mends very soon.

Anne Johnson said...

BD, candle lit agin, speshull prayers this weekend. Now ifn you feel good nuff ta tell me wha I bin tagged, preciate it.

I tag goats, do you won me put a band thru summons ear?

Tennessee Jed said...

buddy don, my migranes start with that kind of vision problem it moves from one eye to the other. I describe it as just having a flash blub pop off close to one part of my eye. It don't fade it does move, but what is worse when the weird vision quits the pain floods in hard and heavy. I am lucky I only suffer once or twice in a year and I don't get sick in my guts. You were brave to try and tackle work and bloggin'. I am thinking good thoughts your way and I am so very sorry to hear you are suffering.

Margot100 said...

Yeah, I'm worried.
If I didn't take my migraine medicine right at the very beginning of symptoms it took a long time to get better.
Compazine for vomiting helped some, though. Please get better.

Deb said...

Hope you're better this morning, worried about you. I'll be checking back when I get back from Nashville tonight to see if you've updated.