Monday, February 13, 2006

return of buddy don: hole lotta docterin

as sum of ye know, i have been rather sick of late. i have truble with whut reglar medicin calls 'migraines' n alternative medicin calls 'liver invadin spleen.' whutever tiz, the result is that i wake up with a horribull urge to vomit, witch ifn i start, i caint stop it in under 12 hours n have vomited ever twenty mints fer 16 hours.

i wont bore ye with all the differnt treetments i been thru, including three years when nobidy thunk it coulda been a migraine.

innywho, miz bd sprung into ackshun last week n gut me lots of appointments with medicull folks. furst, i had a long sesshun with a practishuner of ayuveda. she wuz purty amazin in how without bein told nuthin she knew i had a histry of asthma. her kinda medicin concentrates on gettin all the centers of a person in proper balants (same as tradishnull chinese medicine), witch she sed my problem is one of eggspreshun, that i wuznt able to eggspress sumthin that i needed to git sed ifn i wonted to git well. she wuz purty shore twuz grief n lickedy split, she cum to me not grievin proper lack over daddys dyin back in 1996. she give me sum breathin extersizes to do n had miz bd give me a aroma therpy raindrop treetment, witch twuz wunderfull.

thang is, befor i gut that, i had whut me n miz bd calls the 'click'. thats whar after bein sick fer a while, i notiss how that horribull feelin in my diafram is finely gone. this happend on fridy. i had been feelin sick n wuz thankin bout whuther i wonted to take a nuther zomig, witch i hate them thangs ceptn i hate vomitin wurser. she went out n gut me a roast beef sandwitch on a counta my last ackupunkchurist tellin me i had to eat beef n lamb. as i wuz eatin that sandwitch i wuz happly amazed to notiss whar that 'click' had finely happend.

but she also had appointments with a new pracitshuner of tradishunull chinese medicin, witch thats a young lady frum east tennessee, witch i ast her wuz she a fan of thar teams n she sed she wuznt much of one ceptn she had gone to skool with chamique holdsclaw n even tuck sum classes with her, includin givin chamique rides in her tiny car. she is a fantastick ackupunkchurist n she gut me a'goin on a new formula of erbs, witch mayhap thats whut broke the latest n wurst attack of that awful mizry.

today i am a'gone see my primary keer physishun. i plan to ast im to have me checked fer sleep apnea, witch miz bd has notissd how i caint hardly breathe whenever im sleepin n she thanks mayhap the reason i feel so tired n deadheaded after sleepin is that i aint sleepin verr well. she also notissd how the diafram is whut is feelin bad n that could be on a counta it wuz trine so hard to git me breathin to whar that feelin is kindly lack a muscle cramp.

finely, she gut me a cuple more pointments, a nuthern with my primary keer physishun sos i kin git a full physicull n a pointment with a new neurologist, witch tiz one that takes our insurants.

dont mess with miz bd: she will use ever means shes gut to uphold fer herself n her own, witch tiz eggzackly whut i am, her own.

that reminds me how twuz on this day a number of years ago that i ast her wood she marr me, witch she agreed she wood n twuz by far the best thang that ever happend to me.

i also wonted to say a big thank yew to all them fine folks that writ me to wish me well. amung otherns, thay wuz red molly frum blue page speshul, tennessee jed, anne johnson n chad edwards frum appalachian greens (ye orta make thar site a reglar stop!), mark conrath, eric over at straight white guy, n margot100, amung sum otherns that druther not be named.

i caint thank ye all a nuff fer yer kind wurds. tiz a grate blessin that folks kin be so kind. tiz futher proof that god continues to bless the undeservin (me).

nuff sed. ifn ye wonta make a comment, click on link n ye will see how ye kin.


red molly said...

I'm glad you are better and wish you all the best with your medical appointments.

It's great that ms bd is taking such good care of you.

Tennessee Jed said...

We love you friend teacher! You deserve blessings as much as any man. I say you deserve more than most for all your kindness in teaching others and sharing your stories with the world for free.

Anonymous said...

.. good to see you back in the saddle, Hillbilly... get well soon...

Anne Johnson said...

I had somethin simlar, still creeps up nownthen, but with me twas panick attacks. When you be all fixed, wander to Berkeley Springs, they got a ole-timey herbal doctor thar an magic water makes yer head turn roun.

Bin marriet myself moren 20 yars, nice union fella, not specka gray on his haid.

Bin litin candle fer you all week, Queen Brighid the Bright, patron saint of hillbillies.

Am havin fun at AG and my other site that's even more irrevrent. Thanks fer plug!

Deb said...

Buddy Don, I very glad you're feeling better today and I'm sitting here thinkin' what lucky guy you are to have ms bd looking after you.

You be sure to follow up on all these appointments!

Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to know you're better. I know that click you're talking about. One minute nausea, next...poof, gone.