Monday, February 06, 2006

treetments of buddy don: new practishuner

good mornin, all. seems to me lack i jes lost a week of my life, spent in the thick fog of zomig. dont git me rong: tiz a real blessin to have sumthin that stops the nausea befor i git to vomittin. on tuther hand, tiz awe full that once ye take it, ye dont have nuthin ye kin do but wait till the fog lifts.

meanwhile, miz bd wuz my real hero agin. she writ letters n made fone calls n called in favers till she finely gut my erbs back. she also found me a new practishuner of tradishunull chinese medicine on a counta how i couldnt git no erbs till i had me a new guide.

the new person cums frum east tennesse, athens to be eggzack. ye kin read a lil bit about her on the website of her bizness, element healing. her name is christina n i have hi hopes that she kin hep move me closer to findin a solushun to this mizry that gits rid of me ever takin that zomig stuff.

meanwhile, i have appointments with my primary keer docter fer this my annual physicull. i plan to ast im whuther sleep apnia could be part of the problem, witch even tho i aint eager to have it tested, seems lack if thats the problem, twood be good to find it out. me n miz bd has been wunderin if the zomig makes it wurser so that once i take it, then i git sicker the nex mornin. that wuz the case last week till on thursdy i had to take two doses of zomig.

corse, once i gut them erbs, i started feelin better.

jes to make shore i cuver all them bases, i will be visitin dr mauskopf agin (hes the neurologist at the new york headache center). if nuthin else, i half to make shore i still have zomig, jes in case. i also wonta splain everthang thats happend since last time i seen im.

thays a few other theories bout whuts the problem. one of em is a cist on the pineal gland, witch the symptums of that problem fits a lot bout whut happens to me whenever i git sick. so mayhap we kin git that checked.

meanwhile, my furst appointment with christina was saturdy, witch one nice thang bout her place is how it has saturdy appointments. on sundy, i went over to the open center in man hattan fer a reiki treement that miz bd set up fer me. twuz a verr nice eggsperients, witch tiz spooky how that stuff wurks. but it wurks: i cum out feelin ok fer the furst time in 8 days.

thankee to all who writ to eggspress thar kind cuncern. i do preciate it.

ifn ye wonta make a comment, ye gut to click on link to git to the comment page. ifn i git sum time with a clear hed, i will git that fixed.


Tennessee Jed said...

It all comes back to East Tennessee in some way or another! I am so glad mrs. bd is a hero for you...tell her how your faithful readers are glad she do what she do.

I am glad you are better, sir!

shumail said...

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