Saturday, February 25, 2006

mizry middlin state of buddy don: ok fer the moment

i am hopefull that i wont have to take no zomig today. i am alreddy in its fog frum yesterdy, witch i tuck two to git me thru, furstn a lil after midnite, witch thats howcum i couldnt rite nuthin yesterdy.

day befor that (thursdy? tiz all a zomig blur at the moment) miz bd tuck me to the new york sleep institute whar we wuz innervued by dr rodriguez, witch turnt out he wuz a neurologist on top of bein a sleep eggspurt. innywho, i am skeduled to go sleep with wires glued onto me over at thar place sundy nite, witch i pray i will be able to wurk the nex day.

thays one thang i wonted to menchun that i dint know bout ere miz bd showed me the bill: them zomig canisters (one per treatmint) run $182 fer six or $30.67 a piece. the cumpny that makes it – AstraZeneca? – mus be makin a forchun offn us migraneurs (kindly rhymes with manures).

ifn ye bin a'readin this here blog, ye know that gittin releaf frum the simptums once the migraine has cummenced is a blessin ... but tiz also a curse on a counta once ye take yer zomig, ye aint a'gone be able to wurk nun. only thang i kin do is lay down in the bed with pillers a'cuvern my hed n sleep or sit dedhedded with miz bd a'takin keer of me.

so i wish they could find a cure fer them thangs to whar ye dont git em in the furst place. as ye know, i dun been to lots of docters includin practishuners of tradishunull chinese medicine, witch they bleeves migraines is a disease that kin be cured, so they treat ye with erbs n ackupunkchur n massage n such, witch it wurks purty good durin my migraines off season, witch rite now – januwary, feberwary n march – is the time of year they kill me.

n rite now is when even them treatmints dont wurk.

miz bd notissd i wuz havin truble breathin on a counta her bein awake whilst i been sleepin so much lately n thats how cum we went to the sleep institute. dr rodriguez wuz grate n understood whut we been a'goin thru n thanks it lackly that sleep apnea could be at the hart of the migraine complex, witch thats his term fer it.

ifn thats it or ifn i git my tonsils cut out or whutever – ifn tiz cured, then twood be wonderful.

but whut i caint figger is why them folks a'sellin me zomig wood wonta cure it? mos profitabull thang fer AstaZeneca is fer me to keep on sniffin up them canisters as quick as i kin. seems to me that rite thar in terms of motivayshun is why profit caint be trusted to deetermine health keer.

i am prayin thays a nuther way.

thankee agin to all them thats wished me well. i caint tell ye how much i preciate it.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're writing. I'm not even going to say f**ling b*tter in case it jinxes you.
Bless you and Mrs. BD.
(sorry, my antivirus system has now decided not to let me give personal info over the net--like a password!--and I don't know how to undo it.)

Anne Johnson said...

Sleep tight, BD, and don't let the bedbugs bite. My mamma-in-law just got a oxxegen mask what helps her apnea, but it took some a-gittin used to. Now she laak it faan.

Gonna read that link soons I ever can. Have sum real funny stuff to post on Munday if have taam.

Ifn I knew how ta work a damn computer, I would doggone sure link yer posts to mine. Mebbe ask Chad, he'll help me.