Tuesday, February 21, 2006

mizry of buddy don?: ruff start

i am hopin i aint sick, but this mornin has been tuff. i am so skeerd of vomitin that i mite be spookin my ownself, makin sumthin outta nuthin. i reckon i will know whenever i try to go out n git on the bus. sumtimes i feel ok till i git out in the lite n noise. i am prayin today aint such a day! i dun wasted my mornin trine not to feel whut im a'feelin.

nuff fer now.

i been tagged by tennessee jed, witch i hope to anser it purty soon.

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Tennessee Jed said...

Hey bd, I always think of your blog and you had to top my list because you are the first read when I hit the internets.

Man! I wish this migrane monster would let you alone. I hope the day went well and it was not a zomig day for you.