Thursday, February 23, 2006

mizry of buddy don: reducks

i am trine as hard as i kin to git over this thang. i am dressd n reddy to go n jes about made it till miz bd forced me to look her in the eye, witch she kin see when i am sick even when i am trine to hide it. i git to feelin ok after a day of sleepin off zomig n thank i will be reddy the nex day but i wake up in the middle of the nite with the same urge to vomit. no matter whut i do (ceptn zomig), it keeps risin till i caint stand it.

i wonted to rite a thankee to all them verr kind folk thats been lettin me know they keer fer me: deb at sugarfused, margot100 (witch she points out whut is probly sumthin ima doon rong -- waitin till the last mint to take the ant-migraine drug -- it has been pointed out how ye gut to take it furst simptum, but i keep hopin that furst simptum is jes a sugjestchun of whut mite happen, not a promiss of whut will), tennessee jed, red molly, anne johnson n minny a nuthern that druther be anonymuss. i caint tell ye how much i preciate the kind wurds n minny prayers.

now i go back into the black hole name of zomig.


Geekman said...

BD, I know you're having a real rough patch right now. Hang in there, good friend. You'll find a way to beat this.

CM Edwards said...

Good luck, Buddy Don. Our thoughts are with you, my man.