Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ole friends of buddy don: connecktin with a long lost pal

i aint hardly gut no time to rite this mornin, but i wonted to menchun how i herd frum a long lost friend name of arnold 'golden throated mockinbird' goode, witch me n him n his brother lawrence goode writ a musickull play together whenever i furst cum up to new york. i will git to tellin bout that in life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, but fer now i jes wonta say thay aint hardly nuthin so good as gittin back in touch with a fine old frien.

he is a eggspurt in the black west, witch whuther ye know it or not, eggscaped slaves joined indian tribes on a reglar basis ceptn taint tole about since whenever they wuz eggscapin, nobidy dint wonta add mitt slaves could eggscape. ye kin read all bout the black west in books by a mr bill katz, witch hes a close buddy with arnold. by the way, arnold has a indian name as well as his given name, witch tiz golden throated mockinbird, with thank bout arnold is how he n his bruther writ a slew of grate songs, sung in sum grate bands n dun a lode of thangs innybidy wood be proud of.

corse, i aint a'usin his real name on a counta as ye mite coulda dun notissd:
buddy don n everthang he ever rites is all made up stuff

inny resemblunts to reel peeple is jes blind luck on the part of the author
in other news, i tride to git a pointment with dr mauskop, but thay dont take our insurants no more. corse, since competishun is spozed to brang down prices, i reckun tiz time to change cumpnies (since i am payin em near $200 a munth fer the insurants), ceptn ye caint change till open registrayshun is called. in other words, ye caint use competishun n the market place to fix our helth keer problems, witch i hope to rite more bout that topick soon.

but fer now, let me jes say how tiz such a joy to reconneck with one of the best friends i ever had in this lifetime.

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red molly said...

You are very lucky to have such a "fine old frien".

Sounds like those insurance folks has got you by the short hairs.